made for greatness, greatness

Stupid Kite-Eating tree... I mean... stupid brain farts.

LJ ate my post. *rays of hate*

I'll just repeat a little of what I wrote about this week:

1. Me after my Tuesday/Thurday Drama Class on Thursday
April: So 2:30 tomorrow?
Me: Yeah, 2:30 on Friday.
April: Twyla?
Me: What?
April: We're meeting TOMORROW.
Me: Is today Thursday?
April: Yuh-huh.
Me: Oh. *headdoor* Ow.

2. Me at Band *flashback*

Me: Um... I need someone to play that... that....shape thingy.
Dean the Hot and Intelligent: You mean the triangle!?!
Me: Yes. *headmusicstand* Ow.

3. Me at Dairy Queen on Peanut Buster Parfaits for $1 Day

Me: I'll have---
Till Lady: A parfait, right?
Me: *totally caught off guard* Uh...No. I' I'll have *searches lists in vain* one of those of the week....things.
Staff: *ROFL*
Me: Shut up, it's the last week of school okay! I mean, almost the last week. *$#%. *headcounter* That doesn't even hurt anymore.

Later after IVCF:
Dan: Let's go to DQ!
Me: NO! Not if the same staff are on as when I went before.
Everyone: ?!?
Me: *sigh* (Insert entire post here.)

Yeah. According to one fitting bumper sticker, "It's been one of those days, all week."

According to my Drama prof, "Let's have some charklate."

And finally according to a student: "This time of year, people are walking zarmbies. I mean..."

This has been the chronicles of my stupidity for the week. Tune in next time to hear me say on the bus to a friend:
"I just need winter....I mean summer. What am I saying! Blasphemy! Agh!"

FYI: I am wearing toe socks for the special occasion of my sanity returning with the sunlight. That is all.
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