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Reader's Digest Joke

I just submitted this to Reader's Digest. Think they'd like it?

During my Music Theory class one drowsy afternoon, two classmates in the back were talking quietly. The proffesor eventually ordered one of them to move to the front row and commented, "I remember I was like that at your age." Without skipping a beat, the student threw out his hands dramatically and quipped, "And look how successful YOU are!"

It really happened that way, too. So awesome.

I missed the bus this morning. Just lost track of time because I'd reset my watch again to try to reflect the time in the most buildings/classes/bus schedules. So I was just a little bit too late.

So I'm missing my keyboard skills, in which I was supposed to have an exam today. I hate leaving it.

But I got a call from a lady who I called about tutoring a girl in Grade 9 math. I think I'll go to the Ed library and read through the Grade 9 math text after Theory class today. Yay, a little more money. $15 an hour unless I negotiate that up a bit. And I may just think about that.

One of our birds died yesterday - at a ripe old age, so I'm not too sad. Now the other birds won't be quiet, though. Not fun. Oh well. Thus ends my update on today.
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