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Friday of Doom

Today is the Friday of Doom. I say this, because by the time I hit tonight and need to be awake to work with the Powerpoint at IVCF, I will not be very awake.

This is due to me going to the One Man Star Wars last night until 9, eating at Calories for the first time and having a rosemary peach iced tea (SO GOOD) and their soup of the day (Tomato Veggie puree which was also really tasty) and then coming home and finishing the Powerpoint presentation I've been working on for fun and entertainment of the Worship song, "Who Am I" by Casting Crowns. I can send it to anybody if you want to see it, as long as you have access to a Casting Crowns CD, because it won't play unless Who Am I is Track 4. But since I wanted to finish and perfect the presentation, I was up until 3. But the presentation freaking ROCKS. I was so proud of myself when I saw the finished product. I couldn't believe that I had actually done it, it worked so well.

Problem being that I had to get up this morning at 8 and come to school to get a ride to my girls at Pleasant Hill. Issue here again being that my ride didn't show for the billionth time and I feel SO incredibly bad about not being able to go. Because I love my kids. They're so awesome. And I'm letting them down because I can't get there. And it's nearly March already!! *fume*

I put myself down for quoting some scripture too. Scripture that I need to find and memorize for tonight. And I need to meet Stacy and use my "magic hands" because she fell down the stairs, the poor girl. It all goes to prove that stairs exist to trip you up... Yeah, well.

On a completely non-today note, I'm thinking about giving up the Fringe idea and trying to get a job at Redberry Bible Camp. Because I'd love to get out of the city for awhile. (If this works out, Stacy, we might not be able to do the co-housesitting thing. But it may not work out.)

There's lots of things I'd miss about Saskatoon, though. On the other hand, it wouldn't be so bad to get away for awhile, and camp never manages to seem like work to me.


Stolen from Jay:

10 Things I've Done That You Likely Haven't Done

1. Eaten a BLT on Italian Herbs and Cheese with Monterey Jack cheese and all the Subway veggies except for jalepenos and Mustard, lots of Mayo, and Italian at least 50 times.
2. Translated about 20 songs in other languages to English.
3. Sung songs in Italian, Norwegian, two or three African languages, French, Spanish, Russian, Yiddish, Hebrew, and of course English in quite a few dialects.
4. Read children's books in the Education Library on Campus. At 19. For sheer entertainment.
5. I've never been kissed. Most people have at some point before they turn 20, I guess.
6. I've made a trick glider out of foam and colored paper clips that could do three different things (Spin, fly straight, and does the "stairs" (i.e. glides, nosedives for a moment and then glides etc.) I made it to look like a Stealth bomber. I probably still have it.
7. Made an "ACME" orange rocket that looks like the ones in the Roadrunner.
8. Made a Robot that looks like the Roadrunner. Click here for a pic.
9. Invented a "signaturebot" See it here.
10. Learned basic Lindy Hop and the Charleston.

Lyrics from my current favourite classical song that I'm working on:

Translation from the Italian

Now that the green paths are returning,
That the bushes again put on their flowers,
The time has come again to join in dances;
Come to the meadow, flower among the flowers.
Come to dance a gigue or forlana,
All dressed in tarlatan.
To hold you close around the waist speaking to you of love:
I don't know how to hope for any other sweetness.

In the light thrill of a turn stirs
Such a delight, such an ardor,
That every other anxiety is quickly forgotten;
Come to the meadow, flower among the flowers.

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